Members of the cultural committee

The Cultural committee consists of five members - one from each country in Sápmi and one representative of the Saami Council. Each member has an alternate. The new Cultural Committee operates from 1/1-2019. Asta Balto was elected as chair of the committee for the period 2019-2021. 

Regular member Alternate member
Asta Balto Siri Gaski
Oskar Östergran Nils Anders Inga
Milana Sapelnikova Anna Galkina
Petra-Biret Magga-Vars Matti Aikio
Niko Valkeapää Ivan Matrekhin


Asta Balto

Oskar Östergran

Milana Sapelnikova

Petra-Biret Magga-Vars

Niko Valkeapää