A common Sápmi - theme of the Saami Conference

The Saami Council has decided that the main theme of the Saami Conference 2017 will be "A common Sápmi".

The next Saami Conference will be arranged in Trondheim in February, 2017. This marks the anniversary of the first organization of the Saami and many events are scheduled for the anniversary.

"We, the Saami, are one people, and state borders should not divide us" is a famous quote from the Saami Conference held in Åre in 1986. "A common Sápmi" is to be a continuation of that.

With this theme it is natural to discuss common political issues of the Saami, for example:

·       Common Saami Parliament

·       Common criteria for the electoral register

·       Common cultural fund 

·       Common goals for Saami education

·       Other shared issues