Invitation: How to protect Duodji?

The Saami Council invites you to the open discussion How to protect duodji? in Inari Tuesday

22 May 2018

The discussion is a part of Urbánbeaivvit, which are taking place in Inari 21–24 May. The discussion is followed by a conference on Sami Intangible Cultural Heritage 23–24 May.

Important parts of the open discussion are The Sami Duodji Trademark and to discuss how we can protect Duodji in different ways. 


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Practical information

The open discussion is free and open for everyone. Participants themselves cover travel and accommodation. The Saami Council covers lunch for the participants. Please notify food allergies by registration.

Date:Tuesday 22 May 2018
Place:Sajos, Inari
Time:10.00–16.00 (Finnish time)
Languages:Northern Sami, Norwegian/Swedish, Finnish, English, Russian



Registration by e-mail to:
Registration deadline: Friday 11 May 2018


Contact person

Ellen Berit Dalbakk, Project Manager of The Sami Duodji Trademark, Saami Council

E-mail:kmr@saamicouncil.netPhone:+47 997 96 947