Saami representative to the UN: Permanent Forum

The Saami Council has on its meeting on October 10th decided to nominate Anne Nuorgam as the Saami representative to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Ánne Nuorgam is a Saami lawyer and she has a long experience of working with international indigenous issues. She is currently working as head of the Human Rights Unit of the Saami Council, and she is also a researcher at the Lappi University in Rovaniemi.

The UN has asked the indigenous peoples to nominate representatives to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues for the next three-year period, beginning January 1st, 2017. The Arctic region has one seat, which the Saami share with the Inuits. Currently, Inuit Dalee Samboo Dorough represents the Arctic region.

Former Saami representatives to the Permanent Forum are Ole Henrik Magga (2002-2004) and Lars-Anders Baer (2008-2010).