Cultural fund of the Saami Council

The Saami Council has a cultural fund that awards grants once a year, in the beginning of the year.

Saami Council's Cultural committee handles the cultural fund. There are three grants that can be applied for from the Saami Council: project grants, working grants and study trip grants (which are applied for the same way as the project grant).

Cultural grants in 2016

The deadline to apply for cultural grants in 2016 was January 31st, 2016. A total of 84 project applications were submitted applying for 597 788 euro and 29 working grants were submitted applying for 580 000 euro.

The Cultural committee granted a total of 119 000 euro in support to 41 projects and working grants worth 20 000 euro each were granted to three applicants.

Work grants 2016

Recipient Name of work Summary
Biret Ristin Sara Árbervirolaš juoigan/Traditional yoik Go deeper into the world of yoik and work more with old yoiks, as the new yoiks's format is gaining more and more ground from the old traditions. The old yoik traditions are the foundation of the modern yoiks and it is important that we don't loose that skill.
Birgitta Ricklund Geerje - Saami design with happiness Develop new and modern Sami functional products and appliances, such as tables, chairs, cabinets, art decorating for both function in private homes and in the public environment.
Paul-Anders Simma Ráhkis Eadni - Saami children in orphanages Write a full length film script of 120 pages telling about a few Saami children in different orphanages that fight to preserve their language and Saami identity. The script will be the foundation for a full length documentary film.

Project grants 2016

Recipient Project name Grant, euro
Beaivvaš Sámi Našunálateáhter Official opening performance ”The Yoik Consert: Eallin mokta – Jielemen aavoe” 7000
Alvvat AS Lulesámi psalm CD Kalle Urheim 3000
Sami Daiddacehpiid Searvi Time trip 4000
Nuorgam Piia Childhood memories 2500
Kuhmunen, Marja ja Utsi, Kari Makreda Tame reindeer races 4000
Blind Caroline New time - new thoughts 3000
Sámi Jienat Yoiks in all of Sápmi - concert programme 3000
Oarjánnieiddat c/o Magga Maarit ja Valkeapää Tytti Westsámi girls performe yoik! 2000
Anna Galkina Courses in Saami handicraft "Vuss" 1500
Yekaterina Yushkova Ekobags in etnostyle 1000
Nango, Joar Relocate 3500
Sámi dáidaga doarjjasearvi Skábmagovat indigenous peoples film festival 2017 4000
Antonina Antonova Piras family 1200
Giron Sámi Teahter CO2lonialNATION 4000
Zinaida Makarova, Marina Matskevitj, OOSMO Here we revive the connections between generations 1500
Milana Sapelnikova MURR VUANTTAS / "Roots of the tree" 2000
Ávki AB Handicraft, art and design 6500
Lidija Bolshunova Courses «Duodji» 2500
Tårnesvik Kristin About beeing, timetraveling, trees and making licuor of instant coffee 3500
Gollegompa Traditional Tornesaami sledge, documenation of production 5000
DAT AS Johan Anders Baer, "Ritni" 4000
Johtti Sápmelaččat RS Marja days in Heahta 2016 3500
Árran Julevsáme guovdásj / Lulesamisk senter Handicraft course - course in bow making for hard materials handicraftsmen 2000
Aikio, Inger-Mari Ima mánážat - CD in skolt- and Inarisaami 4000
Anára Sámisearvi ry Ijahis idja 2016 - indigenous peoples music festival 1500
Riddu Riđđu Festivála AS Saami Children's festival 2016 2000
Riddu Riđđu Festivála AS RIDDU NUORAT / UNGDOM / YOUTH 2016 3000
West Toivo Plantbook application in north Saami 2500
Nina Mironova Publish dictionary and book in Saami, the Yokansky dialect 800
Sámi Teáhter Seárvi Sápmi - India 2000
Dinara Skavronskaya Saami for children 1000
Márkomeannu Márkomeannu 2016 4000
Arkadij Filippov The forgotten Lyavozero village 1000
John E Utsi, Sámi Kompania ab Protectors 4000
Raasten rastah Raasten rastah 2500
Anna Slupachik Medicinal plants 800
Olenegorsk ossodat, Kolasámiid Searvi (AKS) Saami music and culture festival 1500
Yelena Yakovleva Summer camp for kildin Saami 4700
Anna Kovtun Friendship across borders, handicraftsmen in cooperation 3000
Suoma boazosamit rs, Saami reindeer herders cooperation network in the Nordic countries 4500
Alina Yazdinskaya, Svetlana Sivonen My "Varzino childhood" 2000

Regulations of Saami Council's cultural grants