The Cultural committee of the Saami Council

The Cultural committee is Saami Council's body of cooperation with Saami art and cultural organizations, such as Saami handicraft, literature, film and music organizations.

The Cultural committee has five members. Four of them represent the Saami art and cultural organizations and the fifth member represents the Saami Council. The members and alternate members of the committee are appointed for a term of two years at a time.

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The Cultural committee also handles Saami Council's cultural grants, which are aimed to benefit the cultural life of the Saami. The Cultural committee and the Saami Council cooperate to improve Saami culture with a wide definition of culture.

Saami cultural organizations

The art and cultural organizations nominate representatives to be members of the Cultural committee. The organizations represented in the committee circulate over time so that all art and cultural organizations are represented as widely as possible in the committee.


Appointment of Cultural committee members is circulated between the following organizations: 


Art and cultural organizations

Saami non-fiction writers and translators association (SFS)

Saami Art Council

Saami Theatre Association (STS)

Saami Film Association

Saami Artists association

Saami Writers Association

Saami Composers Association

Assoiciation of Yoikers


Youth organizations

Noereh (Norway)

Suoma Sámi Nuorat (Finland)

Sáminuorra (Sweden)

Sam Nuraš (Russia)


Saami handicraft (duodji) organizations

Čepes Sam (Russia)

Landsorganisasjonen Sámiid Duodji (Norway)

Duojáriid ealáhussearvi (Norway)

Sameslöjdstiftelsen Sámi Duodji (Sweden)

Sámi Duodji ry. (Finland)