The Sámi Duodji certificate

Sámi Duodji mearka

The Saami Council has created the Sámi Duodji certificate to function as a certificate of Saami handicraft products. The certificate should also:

  • communicate to buyers that the product is made by a Saami. 
  • protect Saami handicraft from being copied and from unfair competition.
  • promote a continuous improvement of the quality of Saami handicraft. 
  • show that Saami handicraft is a living tradition. 

The Saami Council together with the Saami handicraft organizations have recently started a process to renew the Sámi Duodji certificate in order to make it more effective. This work will be finished in 2016. Today the Saami Council owns the certificate, the Saami handicraft associations administrate it and Saami craftsmen in all of Sápmi use the certificate.


What is duodji - Saami handicraft?

Duodji - Saami handicraft - are everyday use objects such as clothes, tools, kitchen equipment, hunting equipment and jewelry that is handmade and based on old traditions. Even today, materials from nature are the basis of Saami handicraft. The making of Saami handicraft follows old traditions but is adapted to new means of production and use. Souvenirs - products that are reminders of travel and that don't have a traditional use - cannot be certified with the Sámi Duodji certificate.