The 21th Saami Conference

The 21th Saami Conference was arranged in Tråante, Norway, February 9th - 11th, 2017. The Conference was part of the 100 year anniversary of the first Saami cross-border congress, which took place in Trondheim on February 6th, 1917. The theme of the Conference was "A United Sápmi". The Saami Council arranged a separate Theme day with over 400 participants. The theme day was also streamed live by NRK Sápmi, SR Sameradio and Yle Sapmi. 

Here you can find the Theme day programme, 9/2 >> 

Here you can find the Theme day list of speakers >>

The Conference elected members for the Saami Council for the period 2017-2021 and adopted the Tråante declaration as well as several resolutions that will be guiding the Saami Council work for the next period. 

Decisions of the Saami Conference

The Saami Conference appointed an elections committee and two working groups, one for resolutions and one for the declaration. 


The Saami Conference adopted thirteen resolutions on the following issues:

  • Use of the pronomen "Son" in the Scandinavian languages
  • Education and information
  • Solidarity with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
  • Support of "Erklæring fra samhandlingskonferansen for reindrift"
  • Deatnu river agreement
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Self determination in saami reindeer herding
  • To be a saami
  • Saami langueage
  • Research ethics
  • The right to the results of historical research
  • The importance of civil saami society and cultural institutions
  • Forestry in Sápmi

The Saami Conference also adopted a resolution on Ecological objectives.

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