The Saami Council

The Saami Council is the cooperation organization of the Saami organizations in Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Russian Federation. The Saami Council has nine member organizations: three in Norway, three in Sweden, two in the Russian Federation and one in Finland. The representatives of the organizations are members of the council and they are nominated by the member organizations' delegations to the Saami Conference and appointed by the Saami Conference. An organization can become a member organization by adopting the purpose of the Saami Council.

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According to the statutes of the Saami Council, the Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Russian sections, the Executive Board, the Cultural Committee and the Secretariat are ordinary bodies of the Saami Council. The sections of the Saami Council consists of the council members from each country. The council members from one country form one section, therefore the Saami Council has four sections. The Saami Council consists of 15 members, five are from Norway, four are from Sweden, four are from Finland and two are from Russia.

The Saami Council gathers to plenary sessions approximately twice a year to discuss current issues regarding the rights and culture of the Saami and other indigenous peoples.

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Leif Rantala has written a summary of the history of the Saami Council in 2004. It is available in its North Saami version >>