Application form - Working grant 2019


The deadline for applying for the 2019 grants from the Saami Council is August 27th 2018, at midnight, Norwegian time. You will not be able to register an application after that time.

We accept applications written in Sámi, English, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish.

Note that information cannot be saved in this application form. We recommend that answers are prepared beforehand in a separate document and then copied into the form so that you don’t risk losing any information if the website is closed down by mistake.   

Observe that we only accept applications submitted via the application form on this website.

You can find the regulations of the Saami Council’s cultural grants here >>

Continue to the application form by clicking the link below or navigate via the menu on the top:

1. Enter applicant’s surname and first name.
2. Enter applicant’s postal address to be used for any correspondence via mail.
3. Enter the telephone number of the applicant.
4. Enter applicant’s email address to be used for correspondence via email.
Work details
5. Enter the name of the work. The name should be short and easily recognizable.
6. Choose which sector the work belongs to. If there is no suitable alternative, choose ‘other’ and specify a more suitable sector in the text box below.
7. If there is no suitable alternative for your work in the list above you can choose ‘other’ and specify a more suitable sector in this text box.
8. Specify which countries, one or several, your work will be performed in. If you choose ‘other countries’ you can enter which countries in the text box below.
8. Specify which countries your work will be performed in*
9. If you chose ’other countries’ in the list above you can specify which other countries here.
10. Specify the gender of the applicant.
Work content
11. Describe shortly the planned activites and content of the work.
(Maximum 1000 characters)
12. If you have other information or clarifications that are relevant for your application, please enter here.
(Maximum 500 characters)
Attachments and submit
13. Documents that have to be attached:

a. Description of work, preferably in word format
b. Work and time plan, preferably in word format

Other relevant documents can also be attached here.

Note that the file extensions of the attachments must be written in small characters (for example it must be '.doc' and not '.DOC').
14. By checking this box, I confirm that all information is correct and truthful.
14. All information submitted is correct and truthful*
ATTENTION: When you press the send button you will be transferred to a confirmation page for a final check of your applicatoin. When that is done the application will be sent to us and a copy to your email.

IF THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN, then your application has not been registered correctly - please check your answers and try to send again. Contact us if it still does not work: kmr(a)